The board of health of the city shall consist of the city manager, the chief of police and a doctor of medicine licensed by the state. The city manager shall be president of the board of health and the city clerk shall be the secretary thereof. The physician member of the board of health shall be appointed by the city manager and shall perform the duties of the city health officer.

(Code 1972, 12-1)

The board of health shall meet at such times as may be required by ordinance or at the call of the president, or any two members thereof. A majority of members of such board shall always constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business that may come before it. The board may adopt such rules as may be necessary for the discharge of its duties.

(Code 1972, 12-2)

The board of health, under the direction of the governing body, shall exercise a general supervision over the health of the city, with full powers to take all steps and use all lawful means necessary to prevent the introduction or spread of contagious diseases into the city.

(Code 1972, 12-3)

(Code 1972, 12-4; Code 2014)

The city manager shall appoint a city health officer who shall be a qualified doctor of medicine under the laws of the state. He or she shall perform all duties pertaining to the health of the city as prescribed by the laws of the state and the city ordinances.

(Code 1972, 12-5)

Under the orders and regulations of the board of health, the city health officer may be primarily charged with the enforcement of the ordinances of the city pertaining to health, and it shall be his or her duty to make such investigations of the conditions of health in the city as may be required by the board of health and to report thereon his or her action and recommendations to the board of health.

(Code 1972, 12-7)

The board of health shall have full power to establish quarantine against premises containing any contagious disease, within the city, and may fix regulations under which persons may enter or leave such premises, and the time during which the quarantine shall remain effective. It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with, remove, or destroy any notice or sign given or posted announcing such quarantine, and it shall be the duty of every person to obey and observe all regulations made and published by the board. The board shall have and exercise such other powers as are vested in it by state law and the ordinances of the city.

(Code 1972, 12-8; Code 2014)