There is hereby created the Sterling Park Advisory Board which shall have such members, organization and duties as set forth in this article.

(Ord. 2163, Sec. 1).

The Sterling Park Advisory Board shall consist of seven members, citizens and residents of this city, who shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the commission. The term of the seven persons to be appointed by the mayor shall be three years except the term of two of the members appointed to the first board shall be for only one year and the term of two members of the first board shall be for two years. In the event that a vacancy shall occur during the term of any member, his or her successor shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.

(Ord. 2163, Sec. 2)

Upon the initial appointment as aforesaid, the appointees shall convene for the first meeting of the board at the time and place fixed by the mayor. The board shall organize by the election of one member as chairperson and one member as vice-chairperson. A secretary shall also be designated who need not be a member of the board. The chairperson, or upon being absent, the vice-chairperson shall preside at all meetings and the secretary shall keep or cause to be kept a proper record of all proceedings of the board. Following the organization meeting, officers shall be elected thereafter at the regular May meeting of the board each year to serve for one year or until their respective successors are elected and vested in office.

(Ord. 2163, Sec. 3)

The board shall adopt by-laws to govern the conduct of its business. The board shall fix the time and place of its regular meetings which shall be at least once each month. Special meetings shall be upon the call of the chairperson with notice to all members. A quorum consisting of a majority of the members must be present at all meetings for the official conduct of business.

(Ord. 2163, Sec. 4)

The Sterling Park Advisory Board shall review and study the operation, maintenance, improvement and expansion of all park land in the city and make recommendations to the governing body of the city concerning such review and study. It shall develop and recommend to the governing body a long range comprehensive plan for the future development of city parks. It shall have such other duties relative to parks, park lands and other areas of the community as may be assigned from time to time by the governing body.

(Ord. 2163, Sec. 5)